Mpls vpn thesis

Therefore, most of the time, its purpose is to indicate the correct CE router as the next hop of the packet. The advantage of this method is routing protocol independent, and the disadvantage is that a new protocol is needed in each LSR.

When the ingress and egress PE routers are directly connected, the packets will have only one label—the VPN label. You can subdivide the vpnv4 routes into groups and allow several RRs or several groups of RRs to carry one of those subsets of routes.

The main reason is that they were not easy to deploy and maintain because they needed distribute lists, IP packet filters, or GRE tunnels. You need to write an introductory sentence here.

The next hop of the IP prefixes is determined from the routing table. So the GRE benefit is that of encryption.

In the forwarding plane, both approaches are similar regarding the encapsulation of layer 2 frames for the transportation through the MPLS network. Chapter 6 is the conclusion of the thesis.

When you have sites belonging to one VPN that need to be able to communicate with sites from another VPN the extranet casepay attention to the way to configure the RTs correctly. The core devices are not involved in any relationship with the other networks, and their task is only to switch packets.

When a PE router broadcasts a vpnv4 router to the other PE routers, these routers need to select the appropriate route to import into their virtual routing table. Investigating whether the down bit is set on summary LSAs: This provides fewer access points into the network and only this router must have the highest level of security.

Different protocols headers were captured with the help of Wireshark network analyzer that helped to examine the various protocol headers. It includes that practical part that presents its configuration and test result. In Layer 2 VPN customer routes are transparent to the provider.


Each LSR should be able to identify the swapping of incoming and outgoing labels. There can be many MPLS headers stacked in the packet header.

PE-1 show ip eigrp vrf cust-one topology This router inserts labels in front of packets and transfers the packets to the data link.

Then you need to enable the BGP neighbor in the address family vpnv4 by specifying the activate keyword. That is because the metric of the received routes is compared, and the lowest metric always wins. The cost community is of the form Cost: This ensures that traffic flowing from the CE router to the PE router via the VRF interface and being forwarded according to the static route is forwarded to the next hop in the global routing table.


The virtual tunnels are built to connect with the core parts of the network that shorten the amount of virtual path. To avoid this, you must configure a special link, called a sham link, between the PE routers. Service Provider network then manages VPN specific routing tables, distributes routes to remote sites.

If the customers had overlapping IP addressing, the routing would be wrong. The cost community is of the form Cost: Within a short time span, the popularity of MPLS VPN has grown very high because it is less expensive, flexible, simple and easy to manage for enterprises and service providers.

This provides fewer access points into the network and only this router must have the highest level of security. The CE router can only peer with one PE router and cannot have peering with another CE router on another site across the provider network.

Service Provider then delivers layer 2 circuits to the customer, one for each remote site. The Bottom of Stack BoS bit is used to determine the last label in the packet. mpls vpn: By using MPLS Technology to securely transport data over IP. A lot of service Providers are now offering enterprise MPLS VPN service in a number of different ways or flavors based on the needs of small corporations to big Enterprises existing investment in CPE, and the available infrastructure.

MPLS VPNs with DiffServ – A QoS Performance Study 2 MPLS VPNs with DiffServ – A QoS Performance Study Master’s Thesis in Computer Network Engineering.

MPLS Fundamentals: 5 – MPLS-VPN

MPLS Fundamentals: 5 – MPLS-VPN Most popular were Frame Relay or ATM technologies, providing VPN service at Layer 2. The provider had a Frame Relay or ATM backbone and supplied Layer 2 connectivity to the customer routers.

Label Switching Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN). This thesis describes the requirements and motivation for using MPLS VPN as a data center inter-connects technology. I am stuck up in selection of thesis topic, Please suggest newer area in which some research and work can be sugget topics related to Computer network/ few topics in my mind ; 1) interAS MPLS VPN with IPSEC (seems very old).

MPLS VPN’s are limited by the core network; however, remote users must use some other VPN method, most likely IPsec, to peer with the network securely.

Furthermore there are different types of classifications of IP VPNs.

Mpls vpn thesis
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